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This is a house built in the 1960's. We updated the bathrooms and kitchen within a 7-week period. One of the challenges was that the owners were to be out of town during that period. This displays great combination and trust between the owner and builder to achieve a job well done.

Fredrick and Sudha Shreeniwa said:

We had a great experience remodeling our kitchen and baths last summer (how often do you hear people say that?). The horror stories are more common, but not for us. Jay Condie made us a great plan, his crew was polite and efficient, and the job got done in a reasonable time and cost. They did most of the work while we were out of town for several weeks which was very convenient. He communicated almost daily while we were away and it all went very smoothly.

Jay's "after service" is also excellent as he answered questions about some of our new cabinets and surfaces, and took care of a few small issues that came up after the job was finished. We have already recommended Jay's name to other people we know.

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